Brazilian Cherryhead Red Foot Tortoise Adult Female 2 - #BCRFTAF2

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It is the customer’s responsibility to know your state and local laws for owning the animals you are purchasing. please do not attempt to order animals which are illegal in your state and which you do not hold a permit for


  • We have beautiful Brazilian Cherryhead Red foot Tortoises for sale at American Reptile Distributors!
Caatinga locality
  • Species: Geochelone carbonaria
  • Size: These are adults 
  • Typical Habitat: These animals live in fields and forests in South America. They can be found in wooded areas bordering river systems. So humidity is a must.
  • Description: These are captive born and raised adult cherry head red foots. The males are roughly 7-8 inches and the females 8-10 inches. 
  • Food: Mazuri tortoise chow and chopped greens

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