Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli)

Sex: Female
Sale price$29.99

It is the customer’s responsibility to know your state and local laws for owning the animals you are purchasing. please do not attempt to order animals which are illegal in your state and which you do not hold a permit for


  • We have beautiful Flying Geckos for sale at American Reptile Distributors!
  • These are terrific pet geckos that are suitable for collectors of all skill levels!
  • These guys are unique in that they have specialized flaps of skin around their tail, body, and toes that lets them sail through the air!
  • Species: Ptychozoon kuhli
  • Origin: Field Collected
  • Size: Adults between 6-7 inches
  • Natural Range: Southeast Asia. Preodminatly  Southern Thailand,, Sumatra, Malaysia, Borneo and Sulawesi
  • Food: Vitamin dusted crickets & mealworms 
  • Lifespan: Up to 5-8 years in captivity with proper care

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