Monkey Tailed Skink Juvenile Female (Corucia zebrata) - #MTSJF1

Sex: Female
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  • We have beautiful Monkey Tailed Skinks for sale at American Reptile Distributors! These are terrific pet Lizards that are suitable for collectors of all skill levels!
  • These extremely rare skinks are also known as Prehensile Tailed Skinks. This means they are capable of fully controlled motor functions like grabbing or climbing with their tail! They are one of the most sought out skinks in the world and are very easy to domesticate as a household pet. These beauties have a combination of green and brown patterns giving them a a battle hardened camouflage. 
  • Species: Corucia zebrata
  • Origin: Farm Bred
  • Size: Adults reaching up to 32 inches in length. This is the only reptile in the world that carries its baby around on its back for extended periods of time. 
  • Natural Range: Soloman Islands 
  • Food: Vegetables and fruits 
  • Lifespan: Up to 20 years in captivity with proper care and setup


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