Peachthroat Monitor (Varanus jobiensis)

Sex: Male
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It is the customer’s responsibility to know your state and local laws for owning the animals you are purchasing. please do not attempt to order animals which are illegal in your state and which you do not hold a permit for


  • We have beautiful Peach Throated Monitor Lizards for sale at American Reptile Distributors!
  • These rare Peach Throated Monitors make for a terrific display animals and great pets for all skill levels. These monitors are extremely quick and nimble and are native to dense forests. They have a luxurious and glossy black base color that is engulfed in a storm of vibrant yellow spots. They are notoriously known for the cream peach neck coloring. 
  • Species: Varanus jobiensis
  • Origin: Captive Hatched 
  • Size: Approximately 16-24 inches.  Adults reaching up to 4-5 feet
  • Natural Range: Australia, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands
  • Food: Vitamin dusted crickets 
  • Lifespan: Up to 10-15+ years in captivity with proper care

Some Monitors and Tegus are beginner reptiles and some are recommended for advanced reptile hobbyists.  Please do your research or ask us before making a purchase.

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