Texas Tan Tarantula (Aphonopelma anax)

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  • Description: The species is one of the largest tarantulas found in the United States. They primarily consist of tan colors and dark shades of brown. This species, like most tarantulas, does not build a typical web and instead lives within a silk-lined burrow.
  • Species: Aphonopelma anax
  • Origin: Field Collected 
  • Size: Adults can get up to 5-6 inches.
  • Typical Habitat: Hot and humid climates. Native to the southern United States. Primarily within Texas and northern Mexico.  
  • Food: Vitamin dusted crickets, Dubia roaches, and other insects.
  • Lifespan: On average females can live up to 40 years in captivity. Males can live between 2-3 years in captivity. 


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